Model Versioning Done Right: A ModelDB V2 Walkthrough

Presented by Manasi Vartak, Co-founder & CEO at Verta.ai



In a field that is rapidly evolving but lacks infrastructure to operationalize and govern models, ModelDB 2.0 provides the ability to version the full modeling process including the underlying data and training configurations, ensuring that teams can always go back and re-create a model, whether to remedy a production incident or to answer a regulatory query.

Watch a live walkthrough of the newly released ModelDB V2.


Features include:

- Layered API-focused client: easy extension of functionality and integration with frameworks

- Integration with popular ML frameworks

- Artifact management: reliably track the result of the training process

- Git-based versioning for all components for a model

- Single pane of glass for a company’s model development

- User management support for authentication, RBAC authorization and workspace isolation